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Amsterdam City

We could never recommend you what to do in Amsterdam City; there is so simply much to experience! And of course you as well prepared tourists have probably prepared a list. Having said that; here are a few links to websites that tell you all about things to experience in Amsterdam City.

Your Little Black Book

Sloten Windmill & Coopery Museum

The ‘Mill of Sloten’ or in Dutch ‘De Molen van Sloten’ is an old historic draining mill that is located in the ancient village of Sloten, just within the Amsterdam city borders and literally within a two minutes walk of Morpheus Houseboat Bed and Breakfast. This is a great start to explore the greater Amsterdam area.

The Molen van Sloten is an octagonal thatched oak wood mill that is situated alongside to the Haarlemmermeer Ring canal; the same canal where our Houseboat is moored. Together with the ‘Akergemaal’, an electrical water pump, the Molen van Sloten mill is taking care of the de-watering of Amsterdam West.

Did you know the famous painter Rembrandt van Rijn was a son of a miller? Rembrandt had a special connection with the village of Sloten. High in the mill’s ‘attic’ you can experience a presentation showcasing several wax characters painted by Rembrandt. How cool is that!

The mill has an elevator up to the platform and is a popular assigned wedding location. Photo by Rein Arler.

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Because we support our local delicacy makers; we encourage you to visit the nearby Sloten Cheese Farm, or in Dutch ‘Kaasboerderij Sloten’. Taste the best cheese from Amsterdam here. A delicious start to explore the greater Amsterdam area.

Furthermore, there are many delicious local delicacies to taste in Amsterdam; ranging from tasty sugar bomb desserts like the famous Hema tompouce or the chocolate flavoured Bossche bol to crunchy fast-food favourites such as patatje oorlog (Dutch French Fries with peanutbutter sauce), the Frikandel Speciaal (corn dog-ish) and ofcourse the most popular bar snack; a portion of Bitterbals with mustard.

Have a look here which foods you must try when you visit Amsterdam.

The Dutch Coast

Explore the greater Amsterdam are by visiting our coastal areas which are worth visiting every season! Sun, Wind, Rain of Grey Skies. It’s all beautiful; only her face changes. Planning is key because you don’t want to end up in a traffic jam in summer time or in bad weather when you are walking on the beach. Our water is colder then you would expect; but we like it. Fresh and Healthy, good for you!

Here are some welcome links to the best places around Amsterdam.

General information

Arts & Culture

Amsterdam boasts a lot of Museums and Galleries which you’ve probably have already on your list. Just be sure you don’t miss out on Museum Het Grachtenhuis. Click here to visit the website.

iAmsterdam has a good link about all the museums in and around Amsterdam. Click here to go to the website.

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Did you know you can rent one of our boats to explore the greater Amsterdam area? At Morpheus Bed and Breakfast we have several boats for you to rent. Important to know; if you want to head on on the Amsterdam Grachten you’ll need a skipper which costs extra. Without skipper you can take the boat out to explore the rich and natural environment.

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